Golden-haired beauty Gigi Delani has captured the hearts of millions and taken her place as the reigning modern-day blonde bombshell. The statuesque starlet has managed to storm the near-impenetrable gates of Hollywood, delighting the public with a delicious combination of looks, raw talent and chameleon-like re-invention. She is that new breed of twenty-something star, her every move celebrated and photographed - scrutinized, dissected, judged and sentenced by a public that can Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram nearly every moment of her glittering, glamorous life, every detail uploaded for public consumption. She is her own brand ambassador, tirelessly promoting her favorite brand of all: Gigi Delani!

She began as so many hopeful, starry-eyed girls do: with a dream in her heart and meal replacement pills in her handbag. Arriving in Hollywood the same night as her high school graduation, a doe-eyed Delani stepped off the bus, over a convulsing meth addict and straight onto the sidewalk where one day, she vowed, a star would be placed with her name on it.

But it didn’t take long for the reality of Hollywood’s seedy underbelly to rear its ugly head. That first year was defined by spirit-crushing lows: easy promises easily forgotten, hopes raised then dashed, blind submissions, endless head shot re-shoots, grueling auditions, disgusting passes made by vile studio executives, early morning stake-outs at talent agencies and management offices, cocktail-filled ‘meet n greets’ with industry big-wigs, hang-over-hindered call-backs, slammed doors, bad checks written to Trader Joe’s and every other “Hollywood cliché” in any cautionary tale ever written about Tinsel Town. But a determined Gigi Delani was not about to let a series of disappointing auditions, unwanted advances or an overnight stay at the West Hollywood Police Station defeat her. It only steeled her determination. Stardom was her destiny and all she needed was a break.

That break came when she was cast opposite Stephen Dorff in a low budget horror film entitled “Cadaver Dogs”. Co-starring Anna Chlumsky as the agoraphobic neighbor, Gigi played Misty-Dawn, a former stripper-turned-Starbucks barista trapped by a pack of rabid zombie dogs and Hal Holbrook. Though the film was savagely reviewed and Chlumsky’s restraining order against Gigi was upheld by a federal judge, the role was juicy enough to get Hollywood to stand up and take notice of this sparkling new ingénue. It was an unlikely beginning to a meteoric rise to fame.

A series of shrewd career choices and some leaked black & white photos followed and landed Delani even juicier roles in more high-profile projects. Suddenly the girl who had been dreaming of stardom as she ladled baked ziti at a Toluca Lake Sbarro’s, found herself represented by industry powerhouse CAA and guided by super-agent Kevin Huvane. Top managers, stylists and publicists followed. Designers clambered to dress the rising star from their latest collections and she was inundated with offers of lucrative endorsement deals; everything from cosmetics and fragrances to exercise equipment, alcohol, diet pills and even her own line of designer suppositories. In just a few short years, Gigi Delani had risen to heights most young actresses could only dream of.

And she shows no signs of slowing any time soon!!

Like a slightly more feminine Ryan Seacrest, Gigi Delani has expanded her influence to all areas of entertainment. In addition to those career endeavors the starlet lends her famous name to several high-profile charitable organizations including the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) and Jews for Jesus. Gigi has become a media juggernaut, from movies and television appearances, to singing engagements and CD releases (including featured vocals on a Top 10 dance hit with Pitbull) to the launch of her latest fragrance, ‘Salacious’ (a CVS exclusive), the follow-up to her hugely successful debut fragrance ‘Lush’.

Like any modern-day celebrity, Gigi Delani’s fame has come with a price. The ever-present intrusion of the media can be a harsh mistress. For every red carpet triumph there are moments that would cause any public figure to take to their Twitter account, schedule a sit-down with Anderson Cooper or hire Gloria Allred. But Gigi subscribes to the idea that “any publicity is good publicity” and she knows that her fans realize that she is, after all, just a young girl, dealing with the expectations and pressures of a life in the spotlight. She makes mistakes just like everybody else. The only difference is she makes them in designer freebies, with pre-boarding privileges at the airport and union-enforced residuals.

And what does the future hold for Gigi Delani? It’s anybody’s guess: More blockbuster movies? Her own TV show? More product endorsement deals? A whirlwind marriage to some Hollywood hunk or European billionaire? Serious jail time? Only time will tell. All we can say for certain is that nothing is certain in the glamorous world of Gigi Delani….